Dillon Currier

“Boston Z Realty believes in the mantra: Making money and helping others do not have to be mutually exclusive. With the most rewarding pay structure around, opportunity for advancement, training from top agents, and a company of “Leaders with Integrity”, Boston Z Realty has proven that work can not only be profitable, but also fun!

-Dillon Currier, President
Boston Z Realty Four Fold Focus:
The best way to create long-term financial stability is by generating multiple streams of income. We give you the best opportunity to achieve this by offering the following:
  • Receive as much as 90% of your commissions!
  • FREE Sales and Rental leads produced by office marketing!
  • Learn every marketing method to generate your own leads!
  • Work in an exciting office in Boston’s most desirable neighborhood (Back Bay: Copley Square), where the average home sells for over $500,000!
  • Earn a % of every agent you mentor!
  • Earn a % of every new rental listing you acquire!
  • Earn a % of every agent you refer to us!
  • Make quick money renting from our EXCLUSIVE apartment inventory!
Boston Z Realty helps advance your career in a number of ways: 1. Paying you more as you gain experience. 2. Providing opportunities for you to run a team, or manage a division. Lastly, 3. Teaching you multiple fields in Real Estate, and supporting your decision to choose the best one for you. Boston Z Realty always believes the best direction for you is also the best direction for us!
You will not reach your potential unless you are trained by someone that has reached theirs, AND has taught others to do the same. Boston Z Realty managers have been the top Real Estate professionals in the industry, and understand what it takes to get there. Whether you want to learn Leasing, Sales, Property Management, Real Estate Investing, or Flipping, we can teach you how to become successful. Your training and ongoing support is provided by managers who are patient, knowledgeable, and always available with a positive attitude!
Financial success means little unless it’s achieved with Integrity. At Boston Z Realty we believe that success is defined by the legacy we leave with each client, and that doing the right thing in every situation should always takes precedent. This philosophy inspires others, and makes for agents who are proud to be associated with Boston Z Realty.
We guarantee that these four factors will give you the best opportunity for success in your Real Estate career!
If this gets you excited, contact Only positive people who are hard workers please apply. MUST HAVE A CAR, SMART PHONE, COMPUTER and have (or be on the verge of getting) a MA Real Estate Salesperson license.

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