Dillon Currier


Dillon came to Boston from his hometown of Albany, New York, after obtaining a bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from the U. of Buffalo. After college, he pursued teaching for a year and worked at a group home for troubled children. Loving the job, but not the pay, Dillon used his first summer off to work as a licensed MA Real Estate Salesperson, partly motivated from paying a less than impressive agent a full fee on his first apartment in the city. Enjoying the summer job, Dillon decided to continue doing Real Estate on a full time basis. In each of his first three years, Dillon was the #1 agent in brokerages consisting of 7-20 agents. In his fourth year, he accepted the challenge of managing his first office, an established brokerage in the Back Bay of Boston. That year he achieved the company’s 2nd highest revenue in it’s 25-year history, attributing his knowledge of the market, negotiating techniques, outgoing and optimistic personality. Between 2001-2006 Dillon personally closed more than 300 Real Estate transactions, oversaw 1000+, and helped two brokers startup new offices. In 2007, like so many others in the country, Dillon fell in love with the notion of flipping houses. He left Boston to go back to Albany, where he spent a year being mentored by a top investor, and another 3 years on his own running every aspect of the 13 houses he personally flipped. Dillon gained a wealth of knowledge in market analysis, negotiating strategy, rehab optimization, budgeting, project management, and sales. During one of the largest recessions in US history, with plummeting Real Estate prices, Dillon was able to make an average rate of return of 30% on his flips. With the market in upstate NY slowing, Dillon decided to come back to Boston in early 2012 to start Boston Z Realty. Now with the accolade of calling himself president and broker for Boston Z Realty, Dillon maintains that starting the brokerage was easily the best business decision he’s ever made. Today, Dillon couldn’t be prouder of what BZR has become: A company of “Leaders with Integrity”, where agents define their success by the legacy they leave with each client. A company that feels businesses have a social responsibility to give back to charities that help cancer research, HLH, and struggling single mothers. Besides trying to build the most successful Real Estate office in the city, Dillon finds great joy in traveling, fishing, beach volleyball, live music (which he claims his resident town of Somerville has the best of!), and secretly wanting to be the GM for a MLB team. Although Dillon is Boston Z’s broker, he is still happy to assist clients around the Boston area. He is a Licensed MA Real Estate Broker, Licensed Real Estate salesperson in New York, and in Florida. Certifications -Licensed real estate agent in Massachusetts -Licensed real estate agent in New York -Self proclaimed expert fisherman Languages -English