Mackensie Johnson


Originally from Upstate New York, Mackensie has lived in Boston for over 7 years, attending college at U Mass Boston where she obtained a degree in Sociology. Getting into real estate because of the opportunities to work with people of all walks of life while maintaining a flexible schedule, Mackensie is well suited for the industry. Being a service industry, real estate requires a professional who is willing to work unconventional hours and is able to cater to all their clients’ needs; both of which Mackensie excels at. One of her driving forces is that she is an extremely empathetic person who cares a lot about others. This attention to feelings and desires, along with her social nature, are what propels Mackensie to the top of her game. In addition to identifying her clients’ needs, Mackensie is also able to help clients who are bilingual. Taking six years of Spanish, she has basic conversational skills and enjoys working with Spanish speakers. Mackensies hobbies also lend themselves to real estate. She loves the older architecture of Bostons apartments and enjoys perusing properties for the diamonds in the rough. Seeing potential in everything, she also enjoys refurbishing old furniture. A girl on the go, if Mackensie has any spare time after these hobbies, she enjoys running, sewing and woodworking.

Mackensie is happy to assist clients in the Greater Boston area.

-Licensed Massachusetts real estate agent

-Conversational Spanish